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Have you seen what we’ve managed to accomplish so far? It’s nothing compared to the stunt we’re planning to pull off next... In Money Heist: The Experience you’ll live out the first ever international robbery in person. Take part in this immersive experience full of special effects and endless surprises. The adventure will give you a rush of pure adrenaline, excitement and euphoria. Join our matchless actors in this hyper-realistic experience and become a true member of our team as we break into one of the most iconic venues in NYC. So don your mask and join the gang! The team needs you...

  • A NEW STORY - Money Heist Experience - NYC


    This is your opportunity to be part of the team. As soon as you buy your ticket you’ll be considered a member of the family. Carry out a robbery as if you were inside one of the scenes from the series but with a completely new story, one which you can only discover in this experience. Buy your ticket and become part of the family.
  • YOUR GOAL: AN INTERNATIONAL HEIST - Money Heist Experience - NYC


    Don't hesitate. This is your only goal! NYC is one of the targets of this great international heist. Carry out the robbery to get the gold and sneak into one of the most iconic buildings in the city.
  • PROGRAM - Money Heist Experience - NYC


    The robbery
    Live 60 minutes of immersion with costumes, actors and an exciting plot.
    Hang out in the themed bar with appetizers, merchandise and custom cocktails available for purchase.
    Take a souvenir for your social media.


Up to 7 actors for every 15 people will represent a multitude of characters, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Follow in their footsteps; they are true professionals!



    Gunfights, ambushes, and more special effects await you in this heist.
    Get ready because this is no walk in the park!


    Are you a true bandit? Break into the vault yourself!
    It won’t be easy so keep a close eye on all the details!


    Getting in will be easy. Getting out... not so much. But we have a plan.
    We’re going to need your perseverance to get through this!
  • ORIGINAL COSTUMES AND MASKS - Money Heist Experience - NYC


    During the experience you will have the opportunity to see, touch and wear the original costumes and masks from the series.
    Remember that you will be a true member of the team!

  • SPECTACULAR SCENARIOS - Money Heist Experience - NYC


    You will immerse yourself in a world full of scenarios inspired by the original series.
    This is a 100% realistic experience!

  • A UNIQUE LOCATION - Money Heist Experience - NYC


    Not only will you live an exclusive experience, but the location is special and emblematic.

Practical info

  1. Date: from December 2021
  2. Opening hours: (time slots available every 20 minutes)
    • Thursday and Friday: from 4pm to 9pm
    • Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 9pm
  3. Duration: the experience will take around 60 to 75 minutes
  4. Location: one of the most emblematic venues in New York City
  5. Age requirement:
    • Recomended Age: 16+
    • Minimum Age: 14.
    • Children under 14 will not be allowed inside the experience.
  6. Group discount ticket: minimum purchase of 6 tickets


The answers to all of your questions.

See FAQs Sanitary Measures


What is La Casa de Papel: The Experience all about?
Money Heist: The Experience” is an immersive event, and the result of a collaboration between Netflix and Fever. Starting in NYC, this interactive superproduction takes groups of people and transforms them into members of the world's premier band of thieves.
What does the experience involve?
Guests will participate in an immersive experience where they take part in a heist. Participants will get to live out, first-hand, scenes inspired by the hit series “Money Heist”. The experience will also include a pre-show where guests will learn about the role they're about to play, as well as a post-show where guests may buy drinks and snacks, in addition to other twists specially designed for the occasion.
Should I show up early?
Yes. All participants should arrive at least 20 minutes in advance to drop off their belongings and validate their tickets prior to the experience.
What if I'm late?
Registration and ticket validation will close 5 minutes before the session's start time. If you arrive too late for registration and ticket validation, we unfortunately cannot guarantee your entry to the experience.
How long does the experience last?
The experience lasts 60 minutes. The duration of the post-show is up to you: stay as long as you want!
Can I come with friends?
Of course! The more, the merrier. All you need to do is buy your tickets for the same session and go together.
Will the actors from the series be there during the experience?
Although they will not be physically present, several actors of the series were involved in the preparations for the experience.
Will there be merchandising?
Yes, it will be possible to purchase themed merchandise during the experience. This includes clothing, accessories, key rings and mugs, for example.


How can I buy my tickets?
On this website in the Tickets section
On Fever's website
On the Fever app, available on Google Play and Apple Store
You will find information and help at the ticket office to buy tickets online or on the Fever app.
Are tickets sold at the ticket office?
Sadly, no. It is not possible to buy tickets at the ticket office for this event. All tickets must be purchased through our website or mobile app. Ticket sales will remain open on digital platforms until sessions are sold out.
Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund. However, you can change the date of your ticket up to 5 days before the day of the session you purchased. To change your ticket date or time, email us here
Help! I can't find my ticket. What should I do?
You can find your ticket:
Should I print my ticket?
No. You don't need to print anything, just show your QR code at the door. You can find it in your ticket, in the Fever app or in your purchase confirmation email.
Can I give a ticket as a gift?
Yes, Fever offers gift cards to be used especially for La Casa de Papel: The Experience.
Is it possible to pay for my ticket in cash?
No, the experience cannot be purchased with cash. All tickets will be sold through our website or the Fever app.


What is the recommended age? Is there an age restriction?
Recomended Age: 16+. Minimum Age: 14. Due to the theme and design of Money Heist, children under 14 will not be allowed inside the experience.
Is there a dress code?
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wearing a Covid protective mask is mandatory in order to participate in the experience.
Can people with reduced mobility participate?
The vast majority of the event is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Due to particular infrastructures, the ending of the experience could not be adapted for people with reduced mobility. But don't worry, we'll offer an alternative (equally exhilarating) ending specially adapted for people with reduced mobility.
Will there be a place to drop off my belongings during the experience?
Yes, lockers will be available to participants. You can collect your belongings when you leave.
Can I keep my cell phone with me during the experience?
Yes, but you can't use it... Those are the rules!
Are photos allowed during the experience?
Photos are not allowed during the experience. But don't worry: there will be a photobooth at the end of the experience where you can take as many photos as you want!
Can I come in with food or drink?
Access with food or drink is not allowed.
I already have the outfit and mask they wear in the show. Can I bring them?
Unfortunately no, but we will provide outfits for all participants at the start of the experience.


Will there be a changing room?
The outfit we will give you can be worn over your clothes, so you won't need to get changed.
Should I wear a mask?
Wearing a mask will be mandatory during the experience, regardless of vaccination status.
Is vaccination mandatory to attend this experience?
In compliance with NYC Health, in order to access this experience, people 12 and older must provide evidence of at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination authorized for emergency use by the FDA or WHO before the experience opening time, as of September 6, 2021. The minimum age for this experience is 13, so all guests must provide proof of vaccination. All staff, cast, and crew members are fully vaccinated for their own protection and for the safety of guests.
What is an acceptable proof of vaccination?
We will check that you have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before you attend the experience. Proof of vaccination may include:
  • NYC COVID Safe App: Android | iOS
  • Excelsior Pass
  • CDC Vaccination Card (or photo)
  • NYC Vaccination Record
  • An official immunization record from outside NYC or the U.S
If you received the vaccine outside the U.S., you must have an official immunization record that includes:
  • First name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Vaccine product name (only vaccines authorized by the WHO are acceptable)
  • Date(s) administered
  • Site where the vaccine was administered, or name of the person who administered it
I have not been vaccinated and have already purchased tickets to this experience. Can I get a refund?
You may still attend this experience by providing evidence of at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination authorized for emergency use by the FDA or WHO before the experience opening time. This applies to people 12 and older. Please reach out to us here for any other questions.
Will there be temperature checks?
Because proof of vaccination and masks are required, we are not checking temperatures upon entry.
What if I have a fever or my temperature is high?
If your temperature is high, you will not be able to participate in the experience. You can, however, contact customer support to reschedule your visit when your health allows it.
Will we be in contact with other groups?
The groups will consist of a maximum of 20 people; physical distancing and health & safety measures will be applied throughout the experience.
Will we have to touch any objects?
The objects as well as the furniture will be disinfected, and santizer will be made available throughout the experience.
What measures will actors take to protect participants?
All actors are fully vaccinated. While they will not wear masks during the experience, they are also regularly tested in order to detect potential contamination as quickly as possible.
What measures will be put in place to guarantee the safety of users during the experience?
Jumpsuits will be cleaned between sessions, and the space and its objects will be disinfected frequently in order to create a safe environment for everyone.
What happens if the government announces a new lockdown?
The event will not be canceled, only postponed. In this specific case, we will communicate the new dates and logistics information to you by email. If you have any further questions, you can send an email here
I purchased my ticket for a pre-lockdown session and didn't cancel it, how am I supposed to book my new ticket?
Information regarding date changes will be communicated to users by email. If you have not received information about your reservation, do not hesitate to contact us directly.


1 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn, NY, United States. 11243


  • Excellent actors! An incredible place and with many themed spaces. Total success!

    Luis T.

  • Amazing. The attention from all the staff is outstanding, they are very friendly and the actors play an excellent role.

    Maria A.

  • It's amazing, highly recommended!

    Marco H.

  • Amazing experience, it was very worth it. It is something that I will have to repeat

    Carlos J.

  • One of the best experiences of my life. This experience is amazing. Very good quality of actors and actresses.

    Gustavo H.

  • Outstanding experience, very real!

    Abril P.

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